FRESNO, Calif. – Sisters, best friends, teammates. Freshmen Haley and Hanna Cavinder are identical twins, meaning they are similar in many ways.

But they are not the same player on the basketball court.

“I’m more of the physical, ‘get the rebound, I’ll hit the three,'” smiles Haley. “But Hanna’s shot, she can hit the three, but she’s shown more of driving in.”

The Cavinders say they do not compare the way they play.

“It seems like we would,” says Hanna. “But we just try not to, honestly, because we get it so much from other people, constantly comparing us. So I think we just try to be so supportive of each other in everything that we do.”

It has worked out well.

In high school, in Gilbert, Arizona (near Phoenix), the Cavinders each scored more than 2,000 points. And they were both on varsity as freshmen.

As freshmen at Fresno State, it is possible they can both score 500 points this season.

“You know, I’m not surprised anymore,” says Jaime White, Fresno State’s head women’s basketball coach. “I wasn’t extremely surprised early. I think the one thing that they continue to get better at is defense. And then also continuing to play with intensity throughout the game and throughout the year.”

“I think we just have a lot of confidence in ourselves and in each other,” says Hanna Cavinder. “And that shows on the court.”

Adds Haley, “Me and Hanna work really hard in the offseason. We knew that we wanted to make a huge impact our freshman year.”