FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – If you have attended a Fresno State softball game, you know the iconic voice of Matthew Lievre.

Also known as “Worm,” Lievre is the public address announcer for the Bulldogs and he is a staple in the Fresno State program.

“I got this job in college,” he said. “I was at Fresno State at the time. It was something that was fun, made a little money in college. It kept happening, they kept having me back. And here we are, 27 years later, and I don’t know if there’s an end in sight.”

Almost three decades of calls for Lievre. What is his favorite?

“Now the starting lineup for your Fresno State…and I hold the ‘Bulldogs,’ he says. “I hold it. That’s probably my signature sound.”

Although this year’s Fresno State team is not having as much success as in the past, Lievre does not change anything about his craft.

“You know, I’m myself up there,” he says. “When they’re down and there’s a moment where they can get a big hit…you’ll hear the decibel in the voice go up a little bit to try and get the fans into it. I don’t change whether they’re going to win a national championship or what’s going on right now.”

During the winter, Matt Lievre added to his duties as he was asked to be the public address announcer for the Fresno State men’s basketball team.

“I was honored and blown away at the same time because it’s a great venue, a great team. I love it,” he said. “My first year, I couldn’t ask for anything better. It was amazing.”

When asked about his favorite memory at the diamond, there was no hesitation.

“My daughter has come with me since she was in a baby carrier,” smiled Lievre. “I’ve seen her grow from age zero to almost being eleven in a couple of months. When she comes up here and she gets to do an inning with me, to see her do that with Dad and to be able to announce a full inning (and she does the whole thing), that’s always gonna be a moment for me.

“There’s nothing better than that father/daughter bond.”

As for the future, Matt Lievre (“Worm”) has no plans to leave this gig anytime soon.

“I’m never going to take this for granted because I know it’s a great opportunity, it’s a fun opportunity. And as long as they’ll keep having me back, I’ll keep doing it.”