VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) – When Bulldog Stadium first opened in 1980, the playing surface was natural grass. In 2011, the university replaced that grass with field turf. Eight years later, in 2019, AstroTurf was installed.

So what happened to the field turf?

Well, some of it is now in Visalia, in Marcus McMaryion’s backyard.

“Yeah, so trying to really make it look like a field,” smiled the Bulldogs’ quarterback from 2017-2018. “So I mean kinda, jokingly, we’re saying taking any and all bids of people who want to paint a Bulldog or do something on this. Anyone with talent, reach out.”

When the field turf at Bulldog Stadium was replaced, McMaryion grabbed about ten yards of it. He kept it in his garage for about four years, and he brought it with him to the south valley to the new home that he and his family moved into last month.

“It means everything,” he said. “Just Fresno State, what we were able to do there as a team, just super special being a part of Fresno State football but actually have it a part of my home now. It’s a great reminder, going out there everyday and be able to see that now.”

“Well nothing’s crazy to us, we do everything!” laughs Ramiro Munoz, one of the landscapers who installed the turf in the McMaryions’ backyard in Visalia. “We’ll make everything possible, haha. Nothing is hard for us. They ask us, we do it.”