Valley Delicious Stories

As the Valley becomes more urban, we are moving farther away from our food. Valley Delicious is the one show that will connect consumers with local farmers. Each episode we will start on the farm where we interview the farmer or rancher that grew or raised the item we are about to cook for dinner. Meet the person responsible for your favorite food on Valley Delicious.

If you look closely at our produce, you will see a label that states where it came from. This information can help you select items that were grown right here in the Central Valley. Let's face it, grapes that came only a few miles from a field into your grocery store are going to taste way better than grapes from another country.


March, April, May

  • Leaf lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Wheat
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus

Critical Information


Supplies are short due to weather and crop transitioning. Quality is fair to poor on most products available


Lighter supplies for Italian and yellow squash as winter crops wind down in preparation for spring crops. Conditions remain good for both crops with some light scarring / wind damage.

Cherry Tomatoes

Market is steady. Supplies are slightly tighter with Mexico looking lighter. Florida seeing some supplies but still tight.

Worth A Look


Harvesting light, useable volume and will build through March. Estimated crop has been reduced due to fruit not sizing due to the lack of water. It now appears California will have a higher than normal percentage of smaller fruit.

Bell Peppers

Supplies on bell peppers continue to improve thanks to good growing conditions in Culican. More product is being offered with better quality. Golds and Reds being offered in all grades and sizes.


Supplies improving recently. Warmer weather in Central Mexico caused an unforeseen abundance of rasberries last week with numerous large growers.


Ventura and Central Valley crops steady and both peaking on 140s and smaller size fruits. Due to desert crop finishing season, larger sized fruits are tight. Demand remains very high.


Supplies are light, but a steady supply is expected to go through Easter.


Supplies for honeydew are stable with 6 count being the most plentiful. Lower demand with a market since last week. Deals are being made daily for extra volume. Good supplies from Mexico, and overall quality is really good with decent sugar levels.

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