As the Valley becomes more urban, we are moving farther away from our food. Valley Delicious is the one show that will connect consumers with local farmers. Each episode we will start on the farm where we interview the farmer or rancher that grew or raised the item we are about to cook for dinner. Meet the person responsible for your favorite food on Valley Delicious.

If you look closely at our produce, you will see a label that states where it came from. This information can help you select items that were grown right here in the Central Valley. Let's face it, grapes that came only a few miles from a field into your grocery store are going to taste way better than grapes from another country.


June, July, August

  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplants
  • Grapes
  • Corn
  • Blueberries

Critical Information


California is the major supplier at this time and is only supplying about 50% of the current demand created by Mexico's short fall. They are trying to get more harvested, but labor shortages are holding growers back.

Bell Peppers

Due to high temps in California many grower's have been hurt with their crops out of the Coachella Valley. Green supply are steady, with red supply gapping. Market of red and green will be challenging for the next few weeks. Extreme heat still expected this week for Southern California for one to two more weeks.


It's rainy season in the tropics. We are starting to see some water translucency show up in the pineapples and a greener shell color. Shippers will picking the fruit a little earlier to help prevent the water translucency, this leads to the greener shell color.

Worth A Look


Some growers started harvesting last week in the San Joaquin Valley and the volume will steadily increase. The desert and Mexican honeydews are looking to finish up for the season this week. Extremely hot weather has been going on in the desert for the last number of weeks and quality has be effected in some lots.


California is in good volume. Markets are steady. Mexico is coming from a lot of new areas and markets are steady. Quality is anywhere from fair to excellent, depending on the lot from all areas.


With temperature's in Coachella dropping eggplant showing improvement in quality and condition. Fresno showing good quality and good volume. Cosmetic issue with eggplant are improving.

Red Grapes

Red grape production out of the Arvin District continues to increase as we move into the San Joaquin Valley for our principal source of supply.


Shippers have good supplies of Valencias and peaking on 88s/113s/138s. There will still be a few Navels available into the next week, but peaking on 88s/72s/56s choice grade fruit. Labor to harvest fruit is an issue for some growers.

Green Onions

The green onion supplies have been steady and that looks to be the same this week. Quality issues such as yellow to browning of the tops remain minimal.

Stone Fruit

The market on peaches, plums and nectarines is about steady with the market moving lower on the big tray pack fruit and higher on the smaller volume fill fruit. This is a result of the recent hot weather causing all fruit to size up rapidly.


CA raspberries have now passed peak production and will continue to decrease in volume moving into the summer. We will be in limited supplies from here on. The CA crop hit peak production numbers in early June.

Brussels Sprouts

There are really good supplies of Brussel sprouts right now. The market is aggressive with offers out there. Quality is excellent for California and has improved from Mexico.

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