Warrant Issued for Madera Mom Suspected of Kidnapping Children

Warrant Issued for Madera Mom Suspected of Kidnapping Children

The search continues for three kids who went missing from school on Halloween

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a Madera mother accused of kidnapping her children.  The three children were abducted from their elementary school on Halloween.  Police believe their mother, 28 year old Thea Sanchez-Deanda, is behind the abduction.  The FBI and the U.S. Marshall's Office are now helping in the search.

It's been four days since 10 year old Teresa, 9 year old Alfredo and 6 year old Jessica Sanchez-Deanda disappeared from Lincoln Elementary School in Madera.

Unidentified parent says, "It's scary and it's sad because these are our kids."

One mother who did not want to be identified, says her kids had class with Alfredo last year. She described him as sweet, caring and smart.

Police say the kids were taken just as they were heading into an afterschool program.  They say it appears the kidnapping had been set up.

Madera Police Department detective Shant Sheklanian says, "Apparently the oldest child, Teresa, contacted her two siblings and removed them from the line."

Monday, a warrant was issued for the children's mother, 28 year old Thea Sanchez-Deanda.  Police say she is a prior criminal who has a history of drug abuse.

Detective Sheklanian says, "She was not happy with things that were going on and wanted her children back and was seen by an independent witness with the children after school on the day of the incident."

According to police, the kids had been taken away from their mother by Child Protective Services earlier this year.  They had been living with foster parents for about two months.  Deanda was only allowed one supervised visit a week.
Police say the children aren't believed to be in imminent danger; therefore they don't meet the criteria for an Amber Alert.  However, police do say they're doing all the can to get the children back safely.

"We've contacted the state patrol's of Oregon, the border of Mexico, Nevada, and Washington," says Det. Sheklanian.

Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for a grey or gold Toyota Camry and a full size, older model Chevy truck, although police say Deanda could be in any vehicle.  If you have information on her whereabouts, you are asked to call the Madera Police Department.

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