UPDATE: Tow Truck Plows Into Fresno Medical Building

UPDATE: Tow Truck Plows Into Fresno Medical Building

The crash happened Monday morning, as patients where waiting to be treated in the waiting room.
Patients are still recovering after a tow truck plowed into a medical building.

One remains in critical condition.

The accident happened around 10:30 Monday morning, at the Clinton Medical Clinic, off Clinton and Maple.

CHP says a car failed to stop at the red light and collided with the truck, sending it into the building.

CBSs47's Lemor Abrams has more from the accident scene on the injured patients.

The Clinton Medical Clinic in Fresno looked more like a garage, after a tow truck loaded with a white jetta on its flatbed plowed into the patient room with patients inside.

"It sounded loud," said Robert Torres.

Outside, a terrifying scene as paramedics rolled out five injured patients.

One on a gurney is said to be in critical condition.

Others were treated on the sidewalk with bandages.

One inside the ambulance wore a neck brace.

CHP says, according to witnesses, a Chevy Pickup failed to stop at the intersection, crashed into the tow truck and hit the street light...causing the tow truck driver to hit the medical building.

"Preliminary I can tell you that if someone says that a vehicle ran red light its probably cause and factor of collision. Speed is probably a factor too," said CHP Captain David Paris.

A doctor who was inside the clinic let us in to see the damage.

"...a lot of the building went right through the passenger seat," said Paris.
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