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United States Agriculture Secretary in Fresno

Tom Vilsack spoke about the Farm bill at Fresno State.
        The United States Agriculture Secretary was in Fresno today. Tom Vilsack spoke about the farm bill at Fresno State.
        Vilsack, hopes to garner support and explain how important it is to the Valley. His message was for the youth
and he said Fresno State was the best place to spread it.
        "There's an opportunity being created, it just needs young people, the enthusiasm, the passion, the creativity," said Vilsack.
         Secretary Vilsack's speech focused on a lot of our challenges, like water issues, loss of population poverty and a lack of economic growth despite record setting farming.
         He said the solution lies in the farm bill is tied up in congress. "We need congress to pass the farm bill to give us the tools to build this new rural economy that can make the case to bright young people that there is extrodinary economic opportunity."
        For the farm bill to pass, congress would have to come to an agreement, if it doesn't, Vilsack said there would be a lot of negative effects that would hurt the Valley.
        Watch the above video for interviews with the students.
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