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Two Men Killed Execution Style in Merced County

sheriff Mark Pazin believes the killings maybe link to the Mexican drug cartel.
        Two men were killed in the town of Delhi. The men were found Saturday night.

        Detectives said the execution style murders happened and desolate area of Merced County surrounded by almond orchards.

        Sheriff Mark Pazin believes the killings maybe link to the Mexican drug cartel. Pazin said, "you get involved in that type of work and endeavor, if something happens, you only have yourself to blame."

        Deputies said two men in their 20's were found shot to death inside a pickup truck the shootings described as precise and calculated. Pazin said, the driver still have his foot on the parking brake the vehicle was in reverse.

        Randy Ramos manages the farmland where the murders happened. Ramos said, "it makes your skin crawl a little bit didn't know this kind of stuff was going on."

        Sheriff Pazin said the victims were traced to a home in Delhi, inside evidence pointed to illegal drug activity. Pazin said, this has all the tentacles of some type of sophisticated drug sales and distribution of illegal marijuana.

        Pazin said the drug and crime problem in general continues to get worse in Merced County there have been 27 murders this year alone.

        A trend that doesn't surprise long time resident sandra nabors. Nabors said, "it's not uncommon to hear gunshots every couple of days its a lot worse now than say 3 or 4 years ago."

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