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Tulare Students Featured in TV Show to End Bullying

An expert on bullying is teaching Tulare parents and students how to end bullying while also shooting her TV series.
An expert on bullying is teaching Tulare parents, students and school administrators how to bring an end to the hurtful behavior while also shooting her TV series in the South Valley town.

Gabriella van Rij, Pakinstani-born and adopted by a Dutch family, was at the receiving end of bullying when she was a teen which, resulted in a suicide attempt. She's studied, researched and has had first-hand accounts of bullying and is now spreading her three-step approach to end bullying, far and wide. 

She chose Tulare High School students to feature in her television program launching next month because of their Project Z (Zero Tolerance) program.

Rij also hosting a community-wide event Wednesday, October 16, at the Tulare Community Auditorium at 6pm.

Watch the video to see Rij's interview in its entirety. 

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