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Toddler Found Dead in California City

Witnesses said the two-year-old was found dead on the side of a road.
        In California City, witnesses said a two-year-old was found dead on the side of a road.

        He was in the arms of his mother's boyfriend. Witnesses said the man and toddler were found 8 miles north of California City. The sheriff's department said they were picked up by a concerned bus driver.

        The two-year-old boy being carried away in a body bag.

        Charlene Day, who was on the bus, said "It's sad anytime because he is innocent you know."

        Witnesses said the bus was headed from Ridgecrest to California City when the driver suddenly stopped here in the middle of the dessert.

        Concerned witnesses say the bus driver helped the man aboard. The driver then rushed the man into town. The bus then met police and an ambulance here, but it was too late for the toddler.

        Deputies said the mother is from California City but they are not releasing any names.
        Watch the above video for more details.

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