The New Gem of the Easton Community

The New Gem of the Easton Community

It was a grand opening indeed for the all new, state of the art, John Ventura Stadium at Washington Union High School. It was double the excitement for the homecoming king and queen who were crowned at the game.
The night started off with a special tribute to the family of John Ventura.

That was followed by the crowning of this year's homecoming king and queen at the newest addition to the Washington Union kingdom.

Mark Hernandez, 2013 homecoming king said, "everybody's loving it. We got a lot of fans. Supposed to be sold out game."

Amanda Espindola is the 2013 homecoming queen.

"Its a new stadium. It's our last year so it's a lot better than it was before."

The Panthers have been playing this season's football games at Fowler High School and Chukchansi Park while their home turf was be undergoing renovations... Something Panther alums say was much needed.

Salvador Espindola, class of '08 said "it's wonderful, beautiful. I wish they would've made it when I was here."

Now that it's complete, there's a video board, an all weather track, new lights and sound, and there are locker rooms at the stadium.

So now, the teams don't have to walk all the way to the stadium from the school for a game.

The new amenities have student athletes excited.

Luis Escobedo is a senior and the starting quarterback.

"It just gets you wanting to do good. I don't know. When you get that new equipment, new stadium, you just want to do good, you just want to make everyone proud."

The stadium cost $12 million to build and was funded by Measure W, passed a year ago.

Funds from measure W will also help with school renovations, as well as new baseball and softball stadiums.

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