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The Grinch Strikes in Fresno: Steals Family's Christmas Gifts

A parent's worst Christmas Nightmare comes true.

Thieves steal their children's Christmas gifts while they left the house to
run a quick errand.

The burglary happened Thursday, near Clinton and West Avenues in Northwest

CBS47's Lemor Abrams has the family's story.

Rachel Azua played a card game around the Christmas tree with her sister,
twin brothers, and babysitter. 

But when they got back from school that afternoon, she was sure they were
playing a joke on her.

I was like, stop fooling around...and then I'm like-no really where's the
presents? And then I was like oh my God," said 9-year old Rachel Azua.

The Christmas tree gifts she eagerly stared at every morning for the last
couple months...were gone.

"It's kind of sad. I know they want gifts but it's not theirs. You're not
supposed to take on Christmas... You're just like the Grinch," she said.

She thinks the "Grinch" had help breaking into their house.

It happened from 1-2pm when no one was home.

Mom and dad left to run a quick errand, and asked the babysitter to walk the
kids home from school.

It's really scary actually. Just knowing that someone just came in
here...right before you did," said Emelia Pilgrim, the family babysitter.

When mom and dad returned home, they realized the "Grinch" wasn't just after

Dads boxes of comic books...empty.

Mom's bridal gown...also stolen.

"The main thing is that nobody was here and none of the kids got hurt," said
Dad Roberto Azua.

Christmas will be different for the Azua family.

Before replacing gifts, dad must find a way to pay for the gate lock and back
door lock the thieves broke.

And Rachel is still in the spirit of giving.

"Please [bring] my presents back and maybe I'll buy you something," she

If you have any information on this case, you're urged to call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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