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Tattooing for Toys

A Fresno tattoo artist let his friends and clients ink him if they donated to Toys for Tots.
Fresno tattoo artist Cody Houser took a break from tattooing people on Tuesday, to let other people ink him.  For some, it was their very first time giving a tattoo. 

The end result will spell out Toys for Tots.  The good-humored stunt is for a good cause. 

"I do Toys for Tots every year, this is just on a different level," said Houser. 

Houser knew his friends and clients would line up to tattoo him for a change.  All they had to do was donate an unwrapped toy and $25.

"He done bumped his head; he's crazy," said Mike Barner, who tattooed Houser. 

Turns out, Houser is even crazy enough to let this reporter do the letter "F."  In spite my nerves, it came out pretty good.  Houser says a little pain is worth the happiness of several dozen kids. 

"I like kids.  I don't like most people, but kids are really cool.  I hope they have something to unwrap," said Houser. 

So far, Toys for Tots is about halfway to it's goal of collecting 80,000 toys. 

"We need toys quickly.  We have until really next week, next Friday, to have all our orders placed and out the door," said Virginia Cardinal, coordinator for Fresno County Toys for Tots. 

"Houser and his friends are happy to contribute, in their own unique way.

"I couldn't imagine a child waking up and not having a present. If i could help one more child open a present I've done my job," said Barner.

Red Wave Tattoo, where Houser works, is doing a Toys for Tots drive on Sunday, December 15th.  Bring in a toy valued at $30 and get a coupon for $60 off your next tattoo.
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