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Target Offers Discount After Security Breach

Target shoppers are getting a 10% discount on purchases after a security breach.
A boon for shoppers this weekend after problems for Target.

Earlier in the week, Target announced that computer hacking thieves had stolen payment card data from as many as 40 million Target shoppers.

So this weekend, Target offered shoppers ten percent off of their purchases for being loyal shoppers.

"I think it's good idea to get ten percent off. Because they don't really give coupons here or anything," said Brenda Reyes, Target shopper. 

"It made me think twice about using my debit card, but I'm not one to carry cash. My thought was if it already happened then I am sure they instituted measures to take care of it. But it did cause me to pause for a moment," said Laura Moreno, Target shopper.

Target's CEO posted a statement on the company's website reassuring customers.

The statement said there was no indication that pin numbers on bank cards had been compromised but urged shoppers to watch for suspicious charges.

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