Swede Fest 12 on Saturday

Swede Fest 12 on Saturday

Swede Fest 12 is Saturday, Nov. 9th at Fresno's Tower Theatre. The free, all-ages festival showcases mini-movies that spoof their big screen counterparts.
Swede Fest 12 is this Saturday in Fresno's Tower District. The all-ages festival showcases "Sweded" films that local people submit. Swedes are creative, low-budget spoofs of Hollywood movies and television shows. 

Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriquez of Dumb Drum launched Swede Fest in 2008. It has grown in popularity, and inspired festivals in two other cities. 

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Swede Fest 12

Saturday, Nov. 9th

6 p.m.

Tower Theatre, Fresno

Free Admission

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