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School Shooting History in Fresno

Shootings are rare on local campuses, but gun violence has happened several times in recent years.
Fresno Unified says Thursday night's incident at Edison High School is the first time a teacher has ever been shot on campus.  Gun violence, however, has taken place on local school campuses in the past. 
There are several more police cars in Edison's parking lot Friday after a teacher was shot and injured Thursday night inside his classroom.  With extra school resource officers on campus, and beefed up patrols in the area, Fresno Unified's superintendent believes students, parents and teachers have no reason to worry.

"I think you're looking at an anomaly rather than a pattern.  And our teachers are safe," said Superintendent Mike Hanson.

Hanson says this is the first time a teacher has been shot on campus in recent memory.  Unfortunately, gun violence has happened before in Fresno schools.

In January, shots were fired in Bullard High School's parking lot after a basketball game against Edison.  No one was injured.  It's the second time in four years violence broke out when the two schools met for games. 

Back in 2008 a Fresno Police officer shot and killed a Roosevelt student who attacked him from behind.  The student had a history of mental illness.  

In 2005, a Birney Elementary School parent was shot and killed in the parking lot.  Police believe it was gang violence.

Hanson says security has been updated in recent years and he doesn't think there's anything that could have been done to prevent what happened Thursday night.

"Folks come out of nowhere, armed with guns, intent on mayhem, it's pretty difficult to combat that with anything you would put up," said Hanson.

Police are reviewing security footage from outside the classroom.  If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.
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