Relief at the Pump

Relief at the Pump

Gas prices dropping in California.

Lower prices at the pump continue to be enjoyed by California motorists as prices continue to drop another $0.06 cents in one week. The state average price is at $3.61 per gallon of unleaded regular gasoline, according to the AAA Northern California monthly gas survey.

Northern California’s average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.59, that’s $0.02 cent cheaper than the state average, and a decrease of $0.24 since last month’s AAA report on October 8, 2013. For perspective, gas prices today are $ 0.25 less expensive than California’s average price on this date last year. California is recording the highest contiguous state average price for regular unleaded gasoline.

“Thanks to a light hurricane season, the completion of winter blend conversion and less demand by consumers, gas prices continue on a downward trend,” said Cynthia Harris, AAA Northern California spokesperson. “Barring any unforeseen event, AAA expects the state average at the pump to continue to fall as we approach the end of the year.”

Today’s national average price is $3.18 per gallon. Today’s average is $.01 lower than yesterday, $.06 lower than a week ago, $.17 lower than last month’s AAA report and $.26 lower than a year ago. The downward trend is enjoyed nationwide as every state reports lower prices than a week ago, a month ago and a year ago. Hawaii is the only state to have an average price over the $4.00 mark. The highest price in the contiguous states is recorded in California at $3.61. Average prices have fallen below the psychologically significant $3.00 threshold in six states: Arkansas, $2.93; Kansas, $2.95; Louisiana, $2.99; Missouri, $2.81; Oklahoma, $2.93; and Texas, $2.94. Twelve states are within a dime of the $3.00 mark.

After fifteen straight weeks above $100 per barrel, the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil has now settled below this mark for three straight weeks, including a five-month low of $93.37 per barrel last Tuesday. WTI prices returned slightly higher over the second half of last week, and were up another 54 cents today to settle at $94.62 per barrel at the close of formal trading on the NYMEX.

The least expensive average price in Northern California can be found in Marysville where regular unleaded gasoline is $3.42 per gallon. Of all the metro areas in Northern California, where gas prices are tracked by AAA, Eureka has the highest average price at $3.87. The highest average price of gas tracked by AAA in the nation is in Hawaii. The price there is $4.05 per gallon. The lowest price, at $2.81 per gallon, can be found in Missouri.

To get the best mileage possible, AAA recommends keeping tires at the proper pressure suggested by the vehicle manufacturer, performing routine maintenance and making sure fluids are clean and belts and hoses are in good repair. The way you drive can also impact fuel economy. Smooth driving to avoid sudden stops and starts, combining trips and lightening your load also helps conserve gasoline.

AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report is the most comprehensive retail gasoline survey available, with over 100,000 self-serve stations surveyed every day, nationwide. Data is provided in cooperation with OPIS Energy Group and Wright Express, LLC.

AAA Northern California offers a wide array of automotive, travel, insurance, DMV, financial services and consumer discounts to over 4.1 million members. AAA has been a leader and advocate for the safety and security of all travelers since it was founded more than 100 years ago.
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