Pregnant Las Vegas Mother Stabbed to Death has Local Ties

Pregnant Las Vegas Mother Stabbed to Death has Local Ties

A pregnant Las Vegas mother who was stabbed to death once lived in Fresno.

A pregnant mother stabbed to death in Las Vegas, Nevada, last week once called Fresno home.

A few years ago, 26-year-old Ashley Indico moved to Las Vegas with her family.

Her cousin, who still lives in Madera, remembers Indico as her best fried.    

"She's more than a pregnant lady that got stabbed to death. She's an amazing person. She did not deserve to go out this way at all," said Jamie Winters.

Wednesday, Las Vegas Metropolitan police found Indico stabbed to death in her home.

Police arrested the victim's sister-in-law Elinor Indico and booked her on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter of Ashley Indico's unborn baby.

"When he [Ashley Indico's husband] told me what happened, I fell to the floor immediately crying," Winters said.

The suspect was living with the victim and her family.

According to the police report, Ashley and Elinor did not get along.

There had been recent tension over Ashley and her husband, Elinor Indico's brother, asking Elinor to move out. Wednesday, that tension led to a fight that left Ashely dead.

Meanwhile in Madera, Ashley's cousin said the focus of her family's tragedy has been on the grisly details instead of the person who died in such a tragic way.

"She's a human being, she's a person, she's a wife, mother, a cousin, a sister, a daughter," Winters said.

Ashley Indico was pregnant with her third child--about a week away from her due date. The baby's gender was going to be a surprise.

The police report notes that Ashley's children, who are three and five years old, were also in the apartment at the time.

Winters said she wants justice for her cousin and the unborn baby.

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