Police Pursuit Ends With Two Men Arrested

Police Pursuit Ends With Two Men Arrested

Fresno Police say the two suspects caught in a stolen SUV near the airport were wanted for abducting and robbing a man.
Tuesday evening, Fresno Police officers were in a field next to the airport, checking every crevice of a Chevy Tahoe which was reported stolen.

"We did find one handgun in the car," said Lt. Herman Silva of the Fresno Police Dept.

Investigators say the SUV is tied to a kidnapping and robbery which took place Monday night.  The male victim claims four men and two women, whom he does not know, held him up at gunpoint in the area of Belmont and Broadway.

"They dragged him into a nearby house, proceeded to blindfold him and then beat him for a couple of hours," said Lt. Silva.

The suspects reportedly took his money and cell phone, loaded him into his own Tahoe and then kicked him out on the street...

"They told him they knew where he lived and they would kill him if he notified law enforcement," said Lt. Silva.

However, the man still called police.

Around 7:30 Tuesday evening, patrol officers spotted the stolen SUV near the intersection of Roosevelt and Belmont.

"As soon as they turned on their overhead lights the car took off, so we began to chase that car," said Lt. Silva.

The pursuit spanned six miles.  It stretched from from southwest Fresno to Fresno Yosemite International Airport.  The Tahoe hit a mound of dirt, launching it about 10 feet into the air.  It wound up crashing in a field.

"both of the suspects tried to run and they were captured within about 100 yards of the car," said Lt. Silva.

The men are in their early 20s.  One is a felon on parole.

Oscar Chavez was finishing up some work in a nearby building.  He's glad he was not on the road during the chase.

"It's dangerous when guys do something like that.  When they got their mindset on trying to get away they don't care what happens to anybody.  You've got to be careful and be watchful," said Oscar Chavez, a witness.

Police got a report that the suspects may have thrown a gun out the window during the chase.  Officers searched the area, but were not able to find a weapon.
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