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Police, FUSD: Edison HS Teacher who was Shot is a 'Hero'

Edison High teacher Steve Guerrero is recovering after being shot twice during an armed robbery on campus. Police are searching for those responsible for the crime.
The Edison High School teacher who was shot during an attempted robbery on campus Thursday night has been identified as Steve Guerrero, 30, according to Lt. Mike Doyle with the Fresno Police Department. 

Friday afternoon, Guerrero was listed in fair condition at CRMC.

Meanwhile, Fresno police continue to search for the four armed suspects who entered Guerrero's classroom attempting to steal a laptop.

Fresno police and the school district are calling Guerreo a hero.

"What our hero is doing is finishing up his work, getting ready to get to his family, and criminals enter intent on robbing and potentially killing somebody," said FUSD Superintendent Mike Hanson.

Guerrero was in his classroom with a custodian around 7 p.m. when four Hispanic males ages 16-20 entered the room, said Fresno Deputy Police Chief Pat Farmer.

One of the armed suspects walked up to Guerrero and asked him if he wanted to get shot.

The suspect took the laptop, while another pointed a sawed off shotgun.

Another suspect then hit Guerrero in the head with a 25 pound weight.

By this point, the custodian had left for safety, and Guerrero and a suspect struggled over the gun.

"At that point, the handgun was discharged six times, two of those rounds struck the victim in the stomach and knee," Farmer said.

Police are now reviewing school surveillance to try to identify the suspects.

Meanwhile, Hanson ensured the schools are safe.

"We regularly review what we do and how we do it and go through a review of procedures that we have in place. We think we have some of the best going," Hanson said.

Police said they are stepping up patrol around the school.

Classes went on as normal Friday and counselors were on hand to talk to students.

Edison High continued with a school dance that was already planned for Friday night.

Meanwhile, police are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of these suspects.
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