Pine Flat Lake Closed

Pine Flat Lake Closed

Pine Flat Lake has become the latest casualty of the government shutdown.
You could say they are signs of the times; "closed due to the federal government shutdown" read one, another threatened possible fines, officially making an afternoon boat ride at Pine Flat Lake the latest causality of Washington gridlock.

"You know it seems like we are the ones getting punished for decisions that aren't being made in
Washington," said boater Saul Leal.

Like many, Leal counts himself as a frustrated American but he wasn't about to let a faltering capital hill stop him from a pleasant day on the lake.

"We thought we had to turn around and go back but we were able to get a few hours in but I'll tell you I wish they would get their stuff together over there," said Leal.

Boaters did do their best to let their worries float away. On duty park rangers told them they could stay but need to leave the lake by 2pm, well ahead of when Mark Corrente preferred to end his day.

"I think they should try to do more to resolve this situation, we should be able to come up to the lake," said Corrente.

Officials say park closures will continue as long as portions of the government remain shutdown.
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