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Officers Wounded, Suspect Killed in Shootout

A U.S. Marshal, state parole agent and Fresno Sheriff's deputy were wounded in a shooting in Southeast Fresno.
Investigators worked late into the night at the scene of a deadly shooting that left a U.S. Marshal, a parole agent, and a Fresno Sheriff's deputy wounded.
They were trying to take a dangerous suspect off the street.

"We already had information this suspect was violent, in fact the original case he was wanted for included a lot of violence," said Fresno Sheriff Margaret Mims.

They were looking for 27-year-old Jerry Vue. He was charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon for an attack on his girlfriend.

Four agents from the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Apprehension Team entered the apartment where Vue was spotted.

Investigators say Vue was hiding behind some clothing and came out shooting. The officers fired back.

A Marshal was hit in the torso. The parole agent too a bullet to the chest. The deputy was injured by shrapnel to the face.

"Thank god that they were wearing their ballistic vests because it appears that saved at least one of their lives," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. His department is leading the investigation into the shooting.

The suspect was killed.

CBS47 has learned that Jerry Vue had worked for the SPCA in Fresno. He'd left his job shortly after he was accused of attacking his girlfriend.

One of his former co-workers said the accused criminal was much different than the man they she knew.

"He worked with a lot of different personalities at the shelter and he seemed to get along with everyone, that's why it's even more shocking," said Beth Caffrey, who had worked with Vue.

Police have not confirmed that Vue was the suspect who was killed. But sources have told CBS47 Vue died in the shootout. The Fresno County coroners office will make formal identification.
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