Military Brothers Killed

Military Brothers Killed

Robert and Michael Anderson of Merced were passengers who died during a car crash. Investigators say their friend was driving drunk. He died as well.
A family in Merced is making funeral plans for twin brothers killed in a car crash.  Robert Anderson was a Marine and Michael Anderson was a member of the U.S. Army.  They were graduates of Merced  High School.

The 23-year old men died along with their friend during an early morning wreck over the weekend.  It happened in Elk Grove, just outside of Sacramento, on Highway 99 at Calvine Road.

"I think god is doing this for a reason and I don't know what the reason is," said Lorraine Anderson, mother of the victims.

Lorraine Anderson is extremely composed after just losing her twin sons Robert and Michael who died a few days before their 24th birthdays.  Lorraine turns to her religious faith and military  background during this difficult time.

"It's a very sad event.  I have wept just like anyone else would weep, but i guess it's the soldier in me.  They were soldiers, I'm a soldier.  You learn things.  You learn things and it makes you  stronger," said Anderson.

Robert was a recruiter with the Marine Corps.  He was also a husband and father of two boys.  One five years old and the other just three weeks old.  Michael was an active reserve of the Army  National Guard.

"They became men.  They became good men.  And they were on their way toward becoming great men," said Anderson.

Both survived tours of duty in Afghanistan, but they could not walk away from a car crash on Highway 99 in Elk Grove.  The Calfornia Highway Patrol says the Andersons were passengers.  Their friend,  Sean Guerrero, was driving.  He was reportedly intoxicated and traveling between 80 and 100 mph.  Guerrero died as well.

"I hold them all responsible for what happened.  Maybe when i cross over I'll find out the real deal.  Maybe the investigator can find out a few more clues, but I don't hold any bitterness against  anybody.  It's not worth it," said Anderson.

Stratford Evans Funeral Home is tentatively handling funeral services.  Nothing has been finalized, but Lorraine says the services will be held in Merced and likely happen sometime early next week.  

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