Men Arrested In Fresno Robbery Series

Men Arrested In Fresno Robbery Series

The men are accused of targeting women, outside their apartments.

Three men are in custody, accused of a violent robbery spree in Fresno.

The suspects face serious charges.

Police say the ring leader has gang ties, but his motivation in this robbery
series was easy targets...and not getting caught.

Lemor Abrams explains from Fresno Police Headquarters.

Police say, in one week this November, three men robbed five women outside
their apartments.

A home invastion of this nature is rare in this city," said
Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Detectives say they didn't go after drugs, but jewelry and electronics.

"They were small items they could easily sell."

In one apartment complex, police say a man pointed a gun at a pregnant
woman's belly and took her purse.

Police say the accused ring leader was on the phone with 911 allegedly
reporting the crime.

Police say he used an app on his phone to listen to police scanners.

Another unusual measure to keep cops away... prompting this warning:

"Be very aware of your surroundings when you go outside-not paranoid but
aware," said Chief Dyer.

One victim, robbed this time last year, tells us the holiday season is the
best time of year for thieves.

"The neighbors are nice but anywhere you live, they're all going to have
problem here and there," said Ismael Figueroa of Southwest Fresno.

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