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Local Veterans Get a Home Makeover

Starting September 11th through Veterans Day, local organizations are giving back to veterans in a big way.
Some veterans are getting a much needed home makeover and the renovation couldn't have come at a better time for one Valley soldier.
For two months, thousands of Home Depot employees across the country along with community members will come together and volunteer their time to help make heroes' lives a little brighter.
Construction started bright and early Thursday morning at Sergeant Ivan Perterson's home in Fresno.  Around 100 people stepped up to the plate to get their hands dirty for a good cause.
Combined, Peterson has served 10 years in the Navy and Army National Guard. Some of his time was spent overseas in Afghanistan where things recently took a turn for the worse.
Today, things are looking up for Peterson.  From outdoors to indoors, and from top to bottom, volunteers work side by side to renovate his 1950's home he bought seven years ago.
It's part of home depot's "Celebration of Service" campaign.
Through the campaign, more than 300 projects just like this will take place nationwide and several local veterans will get the chance at a new beginning.
The volunteers have a few projects left to complete, they are expected to be done by Veterans Day.

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