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Local Citrus Growers Survive Freezing Temperatures

As freezing temperatures move into the Central Valley, citrus growers work to protect their multi-billion dollar crops.

As the temperatures dipped below freezing Thursday morning, we found icicles that had actually formed on some of the citrus trees.  Growers across the Central Valley took several measures to ensure their crops made it through the night. Using wind machines, extra irrigation and a little tender love and care is what saved one grower's crop.  The grower tells us between fuel and labor, he spent around $4,000 just last night.  From 5AM to 7 AM this morning, within two hours, temperatures dropped from 31 to 28 degrees in the Fresno County area.   Anything under 28 degrees for more than 45 minutes can damage the fruit.
We spoke with Citrus Mutual and they say it's too soon to tell if there has been any major damage to crops.  They say it could take a few weeks.
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