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Injured Fresno PG&E Worker Testifies in McBride Trial

Rayshawn Neely recalls moments prior and following car smashing into him

Testimony continued in the case of a man accused of driving his car into a PG&E worker.  Jett McBride has been charged with attempted murder, and Friday, the man he's accused of trying to kill  took the stand.

 It was a bizarre case from the start.  The prosecution saying McBride intentionally smashed his car into Rayshawn Neely. The defense though claims he suffers from mental health problems and never meant to hurt anyone.  But, whatever the case is, what's certain is that Neely is left with possibly life long injuries.

The last time Rayshawn Neely was in court, he was in a wheelchair, but Friday the more healed PG&E worker walked to the stand, once again recounting the day that changed his life.

Rayshawn Neel says, "My lower body was pinned underneath; basically I'm sitting on the hood of the car because that front end was underneath the truck."

It was February 1st, a normal Friday workday for Neely and the rest of his PG&E crew.  Neely was standing behind his work truck, when all of a sudden, Jett McBride's car smashed into him.

Neely says, "Kind of like a quick blackout.  you know you got this disbelief that something like that happened."

It didn't take long for Neely to realize the nightmare was actually a reality.  He was pinned; both of his legs underneath the truck, and then he was face to face with the man accused of plowing into him.

"He was reaching his hand out or something like that and he was asking me do you believe in the lord and savior Jesus Christ or something like that," says Neely.

Among the commotion, Neely recalls two women at the scene trying to help and "Kai the hitchhiker" attacking McBride with a hatchet.  Tonya Baker was one of those women, who Friday told the jury McBride attacked her.

Baker says, "He kept hitting on me. He kept saying he was Jesus Christ."
Kai will be absent from the trial, as he now awaits his own trial for the murder of a New Jersey man.  Meanwhile, Neely is still in recovery.  Two bones in his right leg were shattered and four of five foot bones were broken.  The damage could be permanent.

Neely is back at work, but says because of his injuries he can no longer do the work of a lineman, which requires climbing power poles.  As for, McBride.  He faces up to 17 years in prison and has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

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