Halloween Candy Buy Back

Halloween Candy Buy Back

A local Dental office is offering cash for Halloween candy.
Halloween is two days away and you should know not all candy is equal in the dentist chair. Delta Dental of New Jersey says to choose treats that quickly dissolve, like sugarfree candy and chocolate. Less exposure to your teeth means less damage.

Candy corn is among the most harmful. Dentists say stay away from from anything that will stay stuck to your teeth for awhile, like caramel or sour candy. These will open you up to faster tooth decay.

Willow Dental Group in Fresno is hosting a Halloween candy buy back
November 1st, 4th through the 8th from 8am-5pm. They are located on 6753 N. Willow Avenue.

For more information lot onto the Willow Dental Group website at http://www.shawneandersondds.com/

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