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Gun Range Wins City's Approval

The Firing Line garnered the support of the Clovis city council. Leaders say its noise level complies with its conditional use permit.
"The motion does carry four to one.  The conditional use permit is in tact," said Clovis mayor Lynne Ashbeck. 
With those votes from Clovis' city council, Jacob Belemgian received the validation he's so desperately fought for. 
"We made a conscious effort to make things better and we did that.  It's proven in the sound studies," said Jacob Belemjian, owner of The Firing Line. 
In the last six months, the owner of The Firing Line added sound deadening material on the inside and outside of his walls.  He also replaced two metal roll up doors with stucco all in an effort to lower the sound outside the building.  It's reduced the average decibel level coming out of his building from 65 to below 60.  But it's apparently still not good enough to please his neighbors who say the gun shots continue to be a nuisance. 
"I hope you can understand it's not just a couple of noises.  It's throughout the day, everyday," said Kevin Pennington, an upset neighbor. 
"I was looking forward to it being there, but not with what's it's doing to the neighborhood and the neighbors," said Linda Wyatt, an upset neighbor. 
The firing line is located in a light industrial zone near shields and Clovis aveunes.  There are businesses in the construction and automotive industries nearby, but rob Wyatt says all he hears is gun shots. 
"Why can't I hear hammers?  Why can't I hear saws?  I don't hear any of that," said Rob Wyatt, an upset neighbor. 
Councilman Bob Whalen solidified which way he would vote after taking a listen from the parking lot of the firing line Monday afternoon. 
"it would be inappropriate for us to revoke his cup because frankly he's been in compliance. 
While belemjian may be victorious in this matter, he does not feel like a clear cut winner. 
"I'm unhappy that they're unhappy, but there is only so much we can do," said belemjian. 
Under the guidelines of its permit, the firing line could open earlier and close later than its current schedule.  But the owner says he will keep the hours the same as they are right now.
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