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Fresno State Bulldogs Hype Boosts School and City's Image

The excitement surrounding the undefeated Bulldogs football team is boosting the school and city's image

The hype continues to build ahead of the Bulldogs "blackout" football game saturday.

Excitement is building not only on the campus, but through the Central Valley as well.

Local leaders are welcoming the positive attention this brings to the school and city.

The team is ranked 16th in BCS standings.

School officials said this is what they've needed to put Fresno State in the national spotlight.

"The attention that we received for our athletic program is one of the ways in which our academic programs can improve over time because we'll get more recognition around the valley, around the state, and around the nation--people ask, what is Fresno State about?" said Joseph Castro, CSU Fresno president.

The mayor of Fresno-- a former Bulldogs cheerleader-- added that the football team's success may have a positive impact on the community.

"I've heard comments from investors, from the Bay Area and others who've come to Fresno for various meetings, and they're paying attention to our football team," said Mayor Ashley Swearengin.

The hype isn't limited to the city. Mariam Salameh is the student body president for CSU Stanislaus. Saturday, she'll go to her first Bulldog game.

"We've very excited to see that pride within the CSU system and get recognized. So actually, everybody's rooting for the Bulldogs," Salameh said.

Fresno State student president Moses Menchaca said he hopes the 7-0 winning streak gives the university a competitive edge when recruiting future students.

"I love it. It really gives us a lot of credibility among other CSUs to say we're one of the only CSUs to not only have an amazing football team, but one that is nationally recognized," Menchaca said.

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