Fresno Powerball Winner Announced

Fresno Powerball Winner Announced

However, there has not been a public sighting of the man who recently hit the $213 million lotto jackpot.

Carlo Mitchell, or Carl as most know him, has come forward to claim his lotto prize, but the 68-year old continues to keep a low profile by not showing his face.

Mitchell purchased the winning ticket October 23rd from the Chevron station at Shields and Armstrong.

After 13 days of contemplating what to do, Carlo Mitchell finally jumped in the car with his wife, Lulu on Monday and took a trip to lottery headquarters in Sacramento.
David Rodriguez is a close friend of the couple.  He says they initially denied being the winners.

"I told him somebody nearby here won.  He said I checked them (the numbers) and it wasn't me.  Then a few days past and he and his wife said they wanted to talk to me and they told me.  I said no and he said yes, serious," explained David Rodriguez, a friend of the lotto winners.

The Mitchells then made him take an oath of secrecy.

"It was stress and it was hard because it's a secret hard to keep in, but you got to keep a secret.  I'm just glad it's over," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says the couple retired from their jobs a few years back.  Carl worked as a nuclear technician at Fresno’s St. Agnes Medical Center.  Lulu served as a registered nurse with Clovis Community Medical Center.

"I think I’m more excited than they are, but they deserve it," said Rodriguez.

Carl reportedly played the same numbers on a weekly basis.  But now that he has won, he's apparently not looking for the limelight.  Under state rules, the winner's name must be released, but Carl elected to cancel Monday’s lottery press conference.

"I'd probably go crazy just thinking about all that," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez met the Mitchells 16 years ago.  They acted as his mentors and introduced him to their church, Fresno Central Seventh-Day Adventist.

"They helped me get my life straight because I was on a bad road," said Rodriguez.

He says they've always been caring people and doesn't expect that to change.

"They’ve been winners all their lives.  They're winners in their heart.  They’ve got a lot of love," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says the Mitchells have two kids who are grown-up.  They also have some grandchildren.
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