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Fresno Co. Sheriff's Deputy Dodges Bullet... Literally

While on a call in Squaw Valley, stray bullets flew past Deputy John Capriola. Amazingly, the utility knife in his pocket stopped a round from penetrating his skin.
Christmas at the Capriola household has a whole new perspective this year.
"It wasn't until I got home today, you see your kids and that's when it really hits you," said Deputy John Capriola, Fresno Co. Sheriff's Dept. 

Sunday evening, the sheriff's department received a call of shots fired toward a home in Squaw Valley. 

"In the mountains.  People target shoot and hunt. So it's not and uncommon thing," said Capriola. 

When Deputy John Capriola and his partner arrived on scene they heard shots coming from below the hill they were standing on. 

"We didn't realize how close because it was dark and we couldn't see anything, but it definitely made the hair on your neck stand up," said Capriola. 

The gunfire got louder and louder.  Then it got up close and personal. 

"It was like a buzz and a hiss.  It's a sound you'll never forget and it knocked me square on my backside," said Capriola. 

Capriola reached down and felt his leg for blood, only nothing was there except for the utility knife inside his cargo pocket.  It blocked the bullet from hitting his skin.  Even more amazing is that the high caliber rifle round stayed in his pocket.  The miraculous set of circumstances caused him to request those items back from evidence. 

"That's a pretty lucky knife.  I'd be pretty dumb to take it out of my pocket, so it will probably go back in the same pocket it was in," said Capriola. 

Capriola says he actually forgot his knife while getting ready for work Sunday, so he made a special trip back home to get it.  A decision that sure paid off. 

"People thank the lord for lots of things.  I'm just thankful I have what I have.  My family, my kids and that's it," said Capriola. 

Deputies arrested four men on felony charges of negligent discharge of a firearm.  They are 27 year old Benjamin Speaker of San Luis Obispo, 29 year old Gregory Ravy of Squaw Valley, 26 year old Joshua Holt of Prescott, AZ and 26 year old Matthew Godde of Long Beach.  All of them have since bailed out of the Fresno County Jail.
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