Fresno Chaffee Zoo To Open African Exhibit

Fresno Chaffee Zoo To Open African Exhibit

The multi-million dollar project just received federal approval and will break ground before the end of the year.
Beyond the grass and trails, a colorful animation zooms into giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, and vultures.

It's just a glimpse of what's coming to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

African Elephants are coming from the San Diego Zoo, to replace Asian elephants.

Rhinos are coming from Florida.

"It's bigger for the animals...more room for them," said a visitor.

It's a fifty-million dollar African adventure...nineteen acres wide, doubling the size of the zoo.

"We make a family event out of it weekly, so we're all for the benefit of the zoo," said Michelle Greene of Fresno.

Parents are happy to see Measure Z money finally being put to use, again.

"It was apparently money worth spending," said Greene.
The Sea Lion Exhibit was the first Measure Z multi-million dollar exhibit.

It made way for more projects, and recognition.

"We want people to be proud of being in Fresno, to show off Fresno to friends and family... and we hope part of that will be business to the zoo," said Zoo Director Scott Barton.
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