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Edison High School Teacher Shot & Injured

An attempted robbery turns violent inside an Edison High classroom Thursday night. The victim is in the hospital with several bullet wounds.
Fresno Police are not releasing the teacher's name, but we do know he serves as an athletic trainer and part time teacher for the ROP program at Edison High School.

Investigators say he was in his room by himself with the door open around 7 pm when 4 to 5 hispanic boys between the ages of 16 and 18 walked in with a gun.  One pointed it at the teacher and ordered him to give up his laptop computer.  Instead, the teacher fought back and tried taking the gun away.  During the struggle.  He wound up getting shot two or three times.  The suspects ran away and calls were made to 911.

"Officers began first aid and began talking to him he was alert, he was able to give a statement and right now he is at CRMC in stable condition," said Lt. Mike Doyle, Fresno Police Dept.

"I am just totally shocked.  I'm praying that the best comes out of this," said Joyce Pilgrim, a concerned Edison parent.

It's unknown if the suspects are students at Edison.  But it's believed they live nearby because they fled on foot.
Officers hope to speak with the teacher soon so he can maybe help fill them in on who they are.

Police did recover the gun used inside the classroom.

School is scheduled to operate like normal Friday morning.  Fresno Unified says additional support will be in place for students, which includes psychologists and safety personnel.
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