Dr. Castro Celebrates 100 days at Fresno State, Announces Chance of Bringing Wrestling Team Back

Dr. Castro Celebrates 100 days at Fresno State, Announces Chance of Bringing Wrestling Team Back

Dr. Castro says university will explore reinstating men's wrestling, investments in student success

A major announcement made Friday by Fresno State President Dr. Joseph Castro.  Castro celebrated his 100th day as president, and during his speech he said the university will consider bringing back Fresno State's wrestling team.  Academics and student success were also large parts of the discussion.

Dr. Joseph Castro couldn't have been more proud to mark his 100th day of presidency at Fresno State.

Fresno State President Dr. Castro says, "I've never been more personally excited about anything in my life."

He celebrated with a speech and mentioned accomplishments and future plans.  He also dropped a bombshell.

"We will explore the re-establishment of the men's wrestling team," says Dr. Castro.

Castro announced a comprehensive review of the university's entire athletic program, which could include bringing back men's wrestling.  The team was discontinued in 2006.  CBS47 Eyewitness News broke the news to Fresno State's former wrestling coach.

Former FSU wrestling coach Dennis DeLiddo says, "This is stacking up as one of the best days of my life. It's great. I know it's not a done deal yet, but hopefully we offer him a deal he can't refuse."   

Of course, Dr. Castro didn't forget about football and the Bulldog's undefeated season.

"We're seeing success in so many different areas and I think that's a strong indication of a bright future," says Dr. Castro.

A bright future with lots of changes in store.  President Castro says freshman enrollment is up 21% and he's applying for $2.5 million in funding to fill 800 more seats next year.  He also announced plans to eventually replace textbooks with tablets, and says the cost would likely be shared between the university and students.

Freshman Deandre Jean-Pierre says, "It'd be a lot easier just to carry one light-weight, less than five pound tablet, versus having to carry four thick books."

Dr. Castro also announced a new agricultural commission and an investment in some of the university's aging infrastructure.

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