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Wet Start to Fresno Farmer's Market

Riverpark's Farmer's Market wasn't busy for its first night, but the rain was still very much appreciated.
For those in the mood for some fresh fruits and veggies at the first night of Riverpark's Farmer's Market... they had to bag them with a dose of drizzle.
"It's unusually cold it seems like now," said Greg Waite.
Greg Waite was all for a little rain.
"We need all we can get and more," he said.
And the bread-maker whipping up the wood fired bread kept warm...and positive.
"The rain's good for baking bread...a lot of moisture in the air. Really helps it rise good...a nice crust," said Brad Cole of Bosca Rustic Wood Fired Bread.
The rain isn't just good for his bread.
It's good for the white stuff that keeps California afloat...
"This snow was basically bare two days ago," said Frank Gehrke of the State Department of Water Resources.
State surveyors measuring the snow pack Tuesday morning found it came mostly from the latest storm, and the totals were way below normal...which makes the outlook for summer even more bleak.
"With The runoff this next summer that would come from a normal snowpack, we're going to eat further into that reservoir percentage...so come october, first we're going to be obviously lower than we are now," said Frank Gehrke.

Back at the Farmer's Market that night, the guy  huddled under the umbrella wasn't sweating it...because he's already started conserving.
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