"We do not hire trackers"- Rep. Valadao Addresses Top Issues

"We do not hire trackers"- Rep. Valadao Addresses Top Issues

Valley Congressman David Valadao was on Sunrise talking about immigration, drought and election accusations.
Valley Congressman David Valadao was on sunrise talking about immigration, drought and election accusations.

Immigration reform is expected to be a big topic in Washington, DC this week. Back in June, President Obama said he would take executive action on immigration "before the end of summer." 

Valley Congressman David Valadao was on sunrise to address immigration reform, the drought and accusations made by his challenger in the upcoming November 4 election.

VALADAO: I do agree with President Obama on streamlining immigration, streamlining the process. One of the issues we face today is people are waiting sometimes 15, 20 there are even some visas that are 50 years long, the wait. So there's definitely something wrong with the system that needs to be fixed. I've been vocal on that. The problem with the President doing executive order theres a lot of things going on with the president legislating that's not the way our country was designed or the way our constitution says it should be. But as a general rule, we have an open process. We introduce a bill, the public gets to see it, read it, complain about it , tell us what they want in it, what they don't want in it. And then we move forward and it can be made law. When the president does it on his own in his office it locks the public out and it could end up being a disaster from the get go. But we'll have to see how it plays out.

CARINA: What do you think about Governor Brown's statements yesterday? 

VALADAO: I didn't see everything that he said. Obviously i'm not a huge fan of the governor and his actions and just an open door policy, no. You gotta make sure to do things to protect the American work force that Americans have the first opportunity to get the jobs that we need because our unemployment numbers here are really high, we have to address those issues, but again it goes back to the federal government has to address immigration reform, has address guest workers, has to address the visa program and address the 11 million that are here. So I'm going to continue to work where I can with the president so we can come up with a solution. The worst things about the executive order for those looking to that as a solution, the next president can get rid of it with the stroke of the pen and that's not a real secure way of legislating.

GEORGE: Alright, talking about water can't get you out of here without talking about it. Prop 1 on the ballot, a bipartisan water bond. 2.7 billion of that for storage. It's not a for sure thing in November. You and Diane Fenstein have a compromise bill and its pending in Congress but you also have your HR 3964 the Sacramento San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act. What can you tell us about that? 

VALADAO: So, water bond obviously a state issue, they passed it near unanimous support, we'll have to see what the voters decide in November. That helps us fund some of the things that I even have in my bill. My bill 3964 passed out of the House back in February that bill addressed water storage, new infrastructure, pumping in the delta and San Joaquin River settlement along the east side of the valley.  We try to address the issues we got today so we can get water to, at least when we do get water cause we are in a drought, but we're not wasting water out into the ocean for the next storm. What Senator  Fenstein is doing. Senator Fenstein introduced her bill, passed it out of the Senate and so  both bills have made it out of the respective houses. We have to come to a compromise between the two and right now we're negotiating to come up with something or ideas that we can push forward to get to the president's desk and try to resolve as much of this problem as we can. 

CARINA: Alright, with about 30 seconds left we do want to talk about the upcoming Nov 4 election, you do have a challenger Amanda Renteria. Recently, it's been in the news she's accused you of hiring a tracker who actually followed her into church. Now trackers, unfortunately, are commonplace in elections. They follow competitors, challengers, around hoping to get some dirt on them waiting for them to make a wrong move so they can use that in ads and what not. Did you hire a tracker and did he or she follow Renteria into a church?

VALADAO: I do not know what the tracker did to be honest with you. We do not hire trackers. I do not employ them and unfortunately, every time I have a public event in my district from community coffees, to open houses to whatever I do in the district there are trackers on me as well. It's something we learn to live with. Unfortunately, I think my opponent's desperately in need of attention  and now to the point where she's lying and accusing me of something we have no connection to. 

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