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We Are Fresno: Kind Kids Club

Some small Fresno students are hoping to make a big impact by proving it doesn't take much to be kind.
        Some small Fresno students are hoping to make a big impact by proving it doesn't take much to be kind.
        They've formed a special group at Starr Elementary School, called the Kind Kids Club.
        The students are not only learning, but teaching others, through acts of kindness.
        They're the subject of this week's We Are Fresno.
        Inside these first grade classrooms at Starr Elementary, students are learning much more than reading, writing and arithmitic.
        "I pledge to myself on this day to try and be kind in every way," said Katrina a Kind Kid.
        They're learning to be kind,
        90 first graders make up the school's Kind Kids Club, a vision brought to life by teacher Marceen Farsakian three years ago.
        "They're not getting anything in return except for the acknowledgement that they're doing something kind," said Farsakian the founder Kind Kids Club.
        And to become official members, students first have to complete ten random acts of kindness.
        "I played with my dog, cleaned up dog poop," said Joseph a Kind Kid.
         "I rubbed my mom's feet when they hurt," said Bella a Kind Kid.
        That very kindness now flowing through the classroom and out into the community.
        The club's latest project, cards with frogs, dogs and flowers, sending hope and well wishes to a students family friend who has cancer.
        "Being a kind kid is very special because you can help anybody who is hurt or sick or something," said Katrina a Kind Kid.
        Two other first grade teachers are now carrying out Farsakian's concept.
        A concept that won this year's National Annual Kindness Challenge, put on by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.
        "If someone is like pushed or if someone won't share someone, you can stand up for them," said Tyler a Kind Kid.
        "You can see that joy in their face, in their eyes in their smiles and it's just, it's very beautiful to see that coming from children," Marceen.
        Through lessons that can be carried on well beyond the classroom, the hope is that these acts of kindness will be contagious.

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