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We Are Fresno: Perfect Attendance

        It's graduation day for Dinuba senior Samantha Garcia.
        She's graduating at the top of her class.
        Not to mention, she's had perfect attendance through all 13 years of her education.
        Samantha is the subject of this week's We Are Fresno.
        Samantha Garcia is a high school senior is graduating from Dinuba High with a 4.3 GPA and as one of the valedictorians of her class.
        But there's another honor, that makes her stand out.
        She has never missed a day of school, ever.
        "When I was little I always wanted to be in school and when I got older it felt weird if I would stay home," said Samantha.
        Samantha said staying home just wasn't an option, plain and simple.
        It didn't matter if she felt sick or tired.
        Her strong willed character, and love for education pushed her everyday.
        2,340 consecutive days to be exact.
        "I've always had good grades and I thought that if I missed school, it would affect them and I would out on what was taught that day,"
        "I didn't want to be behind in my classes," said Samantha.
        Her education will now branch into college, Fresno State is where Samantha will get her teaching credentials.
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