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We Are Fresno: "On Farm"

On Farm a local start-up company has a bright future.
        About 1,500 companies will exhibit next week at the World Ag Expo in Tulare.
        One of those companies is On Farm, a local start-up company with a very bright future.
        It's the subject of this week's We Are Fresno.
        "On farm takes farming data, we collect it and analyze it from different sets of information from sensors in the field and we bring it together for farmers. We process it for farmers so they can make great decisions about their crops," said Lance Donny.
        Lance Donny's new tech company On Farm, could revolutionize the way farmers farm in the Central Valley and around the world.
        "So, the next phase of crop production and growth that we need will likely come from technology," said Donny.
        A native of Fresno and graduate of Fresno State, Lance Donny has built his idea from scratch.  He's asked Fresno's innovative video, Water, Energy and Technology Center to help.
        It's so innovative that On Farm is a finalist in IBM's world-wide global entrepreneur of the world award.
        The software solution makes it possible for farmers to farm and make critical decisions from anywhere on the planet at any time.

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