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We Are Fresno: 559 A Signature Beer Line.

559 is the area code for the greater Fresno area, but it has extra significance for a local business.
        We all know that 559 is the area code for the greater Fresno area, but it has extra significance for a local business.
        W Brewing" in Clovis has been around for almost two years. 559 refers to their signature beer line. 
        27-year old Rhett Williams owns and operates the business along with the help of his mother and father.
        The Clovis West graduate is not only trying to earn a living... he also wants to highlight the Central Valley as a positive place.
        He's the subject in this week's We Are Fresno.
        owner, Rhett Williams is a poster boy for "local loyalty"...
        "A lot of people portray it saying oh you're from Fresno, but i'm proud of being from Fresno and Clovis honestly," said Williiams.
        He prides himself on using valley companies to fuel his business, "We try to work with family owned and oriented companies from our bottle manufacturer to our grains to our transportation," said Williams.
        The only import that goes into making his line of 559 beers, is a high quality malted barley from Germany. It will do a starch conversion of protein enzymes to sugar.
That happens when it's heated up and stirred in a giant kettle called the "mash tun," then you cool it down really quick and ferment it out.
        After sitting in a fermentation vessel for about two weeks, the liquid gets filtered...
        Then finally it's bottled.
        Crafting the perfect brew is a challenge he embraces, "Because you're always learning something.  I think if you don't learn something everyday, you can't be inspired to achieve something tomorrow," said Williams.
        "How" did he become a brewmaster you ask?
        It dates back to a trip to Germany his mom took him on when he was 18.
        "That's when I was turned on by beer and the craft of beer.
        "I had no idea that years later this would develop into a family business." said Cheryl Williams.
         But, she believes it's what a mom should do.
         Williams said to encourage your children and stand by them and always support what they do.
         W Brewing" produces three varieties of beer, a lager, Clovis Independence Pale Ale and
and Raisin Farmer Ale.
        That was named after my late grandfather who was a raisin farmer.
        You can find 559 beer being sold at Food 4 Less, Costco in the Fresno-Clovis area.
         If you're dining out it's actually being served here at Westwood's BBQ on tap.

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