Valley Farmers Welcome Rain

Valley Farmers Welcome Rain

Farmers are thankful for every precious drop, but will it be enough to put a dent in the looming drought?

Farmers are thankful for every precious drop of rain.

And there could be a bright spot for famers with animals that graze. 

But the consensus is it's most likely too little, too late.

CBS47's Lemor Abrams shows us the rain's impact on the drought.

As night fell, dark clouds moved over the Valley...ready to unleash
desperately needed rain.  

"You know when you need the water, downpours, no matter how they come are
good," said Larry Moles of Southern Pacific Farms.

Larry Moles, who grows grapes for Thompson Seedless, is enjoying every drop
despite thunder and lighting strikes hitting very close to his farm

"I enjoy the rain... I think it should keep raining if you ask me," said

Fields across the Valley are soaked but farmers say they can't get enough at
this late date, and all this water will eventually soak into the ground.

"It's has been so dry," said Ryan Jacobsen with the Fresno County Farm Bureau
is following the storm's path.

One of the biggest impacts we're gonna see very quickly here is the grass
growing in the rangeland...those growers have been very impacted by this
drought," said Jacobsen.

The snow pack in the Sierra Nevada will also get a nice boost, now at
critically low levels.

But is it enough to quench the drought?

"We won't catch up this year. We can have storm after storm after storm
between now...and precipitation season and right now, we will not catch up,"
said Jacobsen.

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