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Valley Braces for Freezing Temperatures

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning that will remain in effect through Wednesday morning.

After weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures, the valley is once again bracing for an icy cold winter blast.

A freeze warning is in effect and the frigid air is expected to linger for at least the next few days.

Experts say the three main things to remember are pipes, plants and pets.

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Fresno, CA

  • High: 82°F
  • Low: 47°F
  • Sunrise: 6:11 AM PDT
  • Sunset: 7:42 PM PDT
  • Feels Like: 60°F
  • Wind Chill: 58°F
  • Visibility: 10 mi.
  • Dew Point: 43°
  • Relative Humidity: 53%