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THE ACA: Where to Find Insurance for Yourself and Your Family

So, where exactly are you supposed to find this insurance? Well, there are several sources.
For years, the nation has been embroiled in the political rhetoric of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It's been shortened in everyday conversation to the Affordable Care Act or simply, Obama Care.

But this month the reality of the new law began to sink in as millions of Americans got their first good look at how the health care law will actually affect their families, and their bank account.

"If you look at some of the provisions that health care reform has brought to the table, they're very popular. Things like providing coverage for dependent children up to 26, things like doing away with pre-existing conditions, introducing wellness, there are some provisions of the law that are actually very popular,' said Sean Borchadt.

The country is still very much divided over Obama Care. But love it or hate it, it's the law. So, where exactly are you supposed to find this insurance? Well, there are several sources.

Your employer, under certain conditons, Medicare or Medi-Cal, or the so-called public exchanges, and that's where a slew of new agencies will try to help out.

Covered California is the official agency designated to administer and explain the so-called exchanges in the state, where individuals and businesses can actually purchase their health insurance. But complying with the new law won't be easy. We're just beginning to learn about the many glitches and the cost.

"Good health coverage for the price of your cell phone bill or less."

That was the promise, but the reality is far different. Official estimates from several credible sources say the cost of health insurance will increase on average 64% for women next year, 99% for men.

Says one patient, "we were paying basically more than our mortgage in insurance costs." Bev Beals is fighting through a third bout of cancer. This time it is colon cancer, very expensive, very tough to beat. But, we're Americans, and we don't shy away from a fight.

"I don't like being sick. I don't like it costing more to survive than i could ever repay," says Beals. "I think it's not going away. It will look different a few years from now, but it's here to stay."

Despite the many reports of problems and glitches with the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, they will eventually be fixed, and the American health care system will look much different a year from now than it does today.
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