Summer Fitness Tip #8

Summer Fitness Tip #8

Cameron Worrell and Lindsey Dovali of Athletic Performance show and tell us how hanging knee-ups strengthens those abs!

GEORGE TAKATA: we're back here at athletic performance for our fitness tip of the week to get us in shape for summer - cameron worrell, the co-owner of the gym is here - lindsey dovali, one of our demonstrators is here, she'll be playing division one soccer at unlv in a few months - she's gonna do some knee-ups, i'm still recovering from the chin-ups from last week.

CAMERON WORRELL: yeah, she's gonna show us a hanging knee up today - this is a great exercise to target specifically the ab muscles - we're gonna start her knees at a 90 degree angle which takes her hip flexors out of the exercise - she's gonna pull that stomach in, bring those knees up to her chest so this is all abdominals, lower abs, upper abs - then she's gonna do a variation with a twist so now she's incorporating the oblique muscles in the hanging knee-up - very important to keep your knees at a 90 degree angle then pull from there so you're taking the hip flexors out of it - a lot of times when we do ab exercises the hip flexors take over that exercise and we're working our hip flexors instead of our abs - with your knees at a 90 degree angle it takes your hip flexors out of it so you can target those abdominals exclusively in this exercise.

GEORGE TAKATA: all right cam - awesome, thanks- lindsey , thank you - next week we're doing the california press, what's that?

CAMERON WORRELL: it's a variation designed to help people increase their bench press in a very short time so you're benching about 275 right now - with a california press some work with that will get you over 300 quickly.

GEORGE TAKATA: great, and lindsey will be doing that? No, I guess I'll be doing that - thanks cam - 340 clovis avenue is where the gym is located - we'll see you next week for another fitness tip.      
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