Summer Fitness Tip #6

Summer Fitness Tip #6

Cameron Worrell of Athletic Performance shows us a football conditioning drill that'll get you in shape in a hurry. It's the 6th installment of our Summer Fitness Tip series.

GEORGE TAKATA: all right - back here at athletic performance - 340 clovis avenue in clovis - another fitness tip for you - it's our fitness tip of the week segment - cameron worrell, co-owner of athletic performance - 6 years in the nfl with the bears and dolphins - good friend of mine - also joined by lindsey dovali - former clovis high soccer star, gonna go to unlv to play division one soccer so you know she's in shape - don't know much about my physical fitness - cam, you're gonna put us through some football conditioning.  

CAMERON WORRELL: yeah, we're gonna treat you guys like a couple of football players getting ready for training camp today - so the idea behind this is to do one explosive movement with a sled push - want it to last between 4 and 6 seconds which is about the time that someone is gonna go through a regular football play - we start with getting off a block - getting out of your stance and explosive movement and then you're running either to make a tackle - running with the ball, running a route to make a catch, chasing down a quarterback, whatever it is, these exercises are designed specifically to help guys get ready for the football season.

GEORGE TAKATA: anything with the sled is always fun - not really, but it gets you in great shape so next week what do you have in store for us?

CAMERON WORRELL: next week, we're gonna talk about doing a chin-up - i know a lot of people out htere they want to do just one chin-up in their life so we'll give them some tips on how to do that.

GEORGE TAKATA: thanks cam, thanks lindsey - is the website - 340 clovis avenue is where we are - athletic performance - that's your fitness tip of the week.

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