Storm forces power lines onto homes

Storm forces power lines onto homes

Friday's powerful storm knocked down power poles putting some in a dangerous situation.

As much as the rain is needed it is causing a headache for some.

Four power poles knocked over by strong winds as Friday's storm blew in at
Peach and North.

Fresno County Firefighters made sure no one was electrocuted.

"Power lines went into homes and the roads. We did a couple welfare checks on
the residents inside the homes," said firefighter Will Goodman.

No one was hurt, although some unable to avoid the area were still shook up.

"I was coming down Peach Avenue and the wires were down and they had the
roads all blocked off and anywhere to turn off to you're going to run into a big
ole puddle," said Raymond Rodriguez.

He works at Sunnyside Convalescent Hospital where the power was out for a
couple of hours, leaving residents in a dangerous situation.

"We had no electricity in certain rooms for the tube feeders so we had to get
the extension cord and start the machines in the hallways," said Rodriquez.

It's something they train for to keep their patients healthy.

Overall, trees blocking roads and localized flooding, turning out to be the
worst situations for City of Fresno Public Works crews.

"A drain inlet that gets blocked actually gets water backed up in the streets
sometimes it can be a traffic hazard so we try to focus on those any time its
raining like this," said Scott Krauter, City of Fresno Assistant Public Works

With the damage done, PG&E crews are working overtime to get the power
back on, after a run in with mother nature.

"It was like water everywhere," said Rodriguez.

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