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Storm Causes Several Power Outages in Central Valley

PG&E crews have been working around the clock to return power to customers since the rain storm began overnight.

PG&E crews have been working around the clock to restore power to customers since the rain storm began overnight.

In Fresno, a tree knocked down two power poles at N. Weber and N. Arthur avenues early Friday.

Drusilla Dunn says she woke up to see the tree intersecting the roadway around 6 a.m. just as traffic was trying to come through.

"I was standing at the middle of the intersection of Fruit and Weber directing them either to turn either direction, not to go through," Dunn says.

Busy crews moved on from one site to the next outage.

PG&E Fresno spokesman Denny Boyles says they went into this storm prepared as they anticipated the storm's elements.

"There are a couple of things that have gone into the outages today. The wind has been a real factor, bringing down trees, also just bringing down branches," Boyles says.

In Reedley, store fronts went dark at one shopping center where an outage affected about 2,600 people in the area Friday afternoon.

Although inconvenient, it's not uncommon for many outages to occur in one area after a dry spell.

"Dust will build up on our equipment when the rain first starts. If it's not heavy enough to wash that dust off, actually, the mud can conduct electricity down to the wooden pole," Boyles says.

If you see a downed power pole, stay away from it and call 911. Boyle says you have to assume that it's a live wire, so it is best to let trained crews take care of it to avoid injury.

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