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Special Celebration for Four Valley Veterans

They're in their 90's and celebrating their birthdays.
        Four Valley Veterans who were once prisoners of war in World War II, were given a special celebration in Fresno Wednesday.
        Pasqual Reyes, Jerry Eckenrod, Rudy Giannoni and Jack Schwartz are all in they're 90's now.
        Wednesday they celebrated their birthdays.
        Jack Schwartz is turning 99 years old on the 28th. He spent more than 13-hundred days as a p.o.w.
        "Outside of always being hungry, always being dirty, full of lice and fleas, I was not badly treated," said Schwartz.
        "I didn't think I'd be alive at 50, and here I am 91, so i guess i lived right," he said.    
        Jack Schwartz is also headed for Washington, D.C. on the "honor flight" the day of his birthday April 28th.

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