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World Spay Day: New Injectible Solution Offered in Reedley

A single dose can sterilize a dog permanently.
        Each year, millions of unwanted pets are taken to animal shelters.
        Now, a new procedure could reduce that number.
        It can cost hundreds of dollars to neuter a male dog.
        But a new, injectible solution, called Zeuterin, could change that. A single dose can sterilize a dog permanently.
        We talked to pet medical center and spa in Fresno and the procedure is available in the area.
        They are having an event March 1, 2014 in Reedley in honor of World Spay Day, at the Reedley Community Center.

        For more information log onto: http://www.reedley.com/reedley_updates/Zeuterathon%20Flyer%203-1-14.pdf

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